How do you ensure RA continuity during a well-deserved break, maternity, or long sick leaves?
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How do you ensure RA continuity during a well-deserved break, maternity, or long sick leaves?

In the fast-paced world and dynamic environment of a Pharma Company where critical business processes demand constant attention, the Regulatory Affairs (RA) Managers often find themselves facing a dilemma, especially in the holidays season, but not only… Deadlines loom, tasks press, and the workload intensifies. With headcount restrictions ensuring effective business continuity process and backup for the RA functions might become an issue.

This scenario may resonate with many members of management teams in the pharmaceutical industry, where the juggling act between work and vacations is a common challenge. For some, the idea of a vacation without a computer and phone seems like a distant dream.

PharmDedict bridges the gap by providing dedicated outsourced account backups for our clients, taking peak workloads during normal business, and ensuring continuity when key team members take a well-deserved break, during maternity or long sick leaves.

We customize our services to align with our clients’ internal systems, working seamlessly within their established training, procedures, and timeframes. We have experience in working under the domain of our clients and being part of their internal setup. Using dedicated hardware is not an issue as well. Our QMS can be aligned with Client-specific SOPs and requirements in an audit-ready solution. Because our clients’ effectiveness and work satisfaction are important, we take on the responsibility of dedicated backup account outsourcing, alleviating workload concerns.

At PharmDedict, we are committed to make the regulatory life of customers much easier.