Digital Health and DHI Cluster
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Digital Health and DHI Cluster

We are glad to announce that PharmDedict is now part of the family of the Digital Health and Innovations Cluster Bulgaria. The DHI Cluster is a non-profit organization that supports companies and organizations in the field of digital solutions and innovations in healthcare to build an ecosystem and establish a sustainable and effective healthcare environment for patients, healthcare professionals, society and institutions.

Digitisation is a priority in the EU. “A Europe fit for the digital age” is one of the six political priorities of the Commission 2019-2024. The Commission’s Communication on the Transformation of Digital Health and of April 2018 aims to enhance the digitisation of the health and care sectors. Digital health and care refers to tools and services that use information and communication technologies to improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management of health-related issues and to monitor and manage lifestyle-habits that impact health¹.

Transformation of health and care in the digital single market is a process involving all parties: patients and healthcare professionals, the industry and regulators. We, at PharmDedict, being a specialised service provider in the regulatory and compliance field, acknowledge the importance of this process and believe that we could contribute to the mission of the DHI Cluster.