Bulgaria: the new reimbursement status maintenance procedure – have you scheduled your applications yet? *
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Bulgaria: the new reimbursement status maintenance procedure – have you scheduled your applications yet? *

* This post has been marked as outdated and is available in our archive.

Following the recent changes to the Bulgarian pricing & reimbursement regulatory framework, a new procedure was introduced and put into practice: the medicinal products included in the Bulgarian Positive Drug List (PDL) now undergo a reimbursement status maintenance procedure every 3 years from the date of inclusion in the PDL. In 2016, the Bulgarian National Council on Prices and Reimbursement of Medicinal Products (NCPR) started publishing the lists of medicinal products scheduled for reimbursement status maintenance procedure. The Marketing Authorisation Holders (MAHs) are required to apply for this procedure in order to keep the reimbursement status of their products. The MAHs of the products included in the list below are required to apply for the new procedure by the end of May 2016 at the latest. In addition, each month the NCPR publishes the current product list for the concerned month. If you would like to check whether your products are affected or you need advice or assistance with the new procedure, please contact us.

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Source: www.ncpr.bg

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